Legal notes on use

1. Declaration

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2. Liability

All the information on this website has been carefully assembled, based on the most recently published findings. Nevertheless, published findings in the pharmaceutical and medical field are subject to constant modification and accordingly the information provided on this website is not guaranteed to be free of error. The information provided on this website concerning published findings in the pharmaceutical and medical field do not in any circumstances provide an alternative to medical consultation, examination, opinion or diagnosis. It is the responsibility of the user to read the instructions for use of the product and the information for the patient, way of use, recommended dosage, and any possible side effects that could come from using the product, whilst bearing in mind any instructions the physician treating the individual patient may give, in which case the user must respect the doctor's instructions for use of the product.

Heel denies all responsibility related to possible errors on the information on the website.The publicity of the products contained on the website is understood to be directed to the international community, conformed solely by the users of the jurisdictions in which the distribution and consumption of such products, as well as the publicity itself, are duly authorized.

The information contained on medicines on this website is technical and scientific information, intended exclusively to be used by health professionals trained for their proper interpretation. The consequences of using this information without consulting a doctor can pose health risks.

Laboratorio Heel Chile Ltda. is not responsible for the misuse of the information contained on this website.

3. External links

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5. Data Protection

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7. Permission to Access the [Site] Entrance or Login Section

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8. Applicable law

The management of the contents provided by this website corresponds to Productos Farmacéuticos Heel Chile Limitada; and the conditions of use are subject to Chilean law, submitting to the jurisdiction of the courts that correspond according to such rules.The publicity of this website, and the consumption and distribution of the advertised products is subject to the legislation and jurisdiction of the place of residence of the respective consumer and/or recipient where such publicity, consumption and distribution are authorized.