Traumeel® in practice: physical therapy

Norbert Müller

Read here how a professional physiotherapist recommends Traumeel® in his daily practice – with usual patients and professional athletes. Norbert Müller is leading physiotherapist at the Physiozentrum Odenwaldkreis, Germany. Norbert is also physiotherapist of the German athletic sports national team.

1. How long have you been using Traumeel in your physiotherapeutic practice?

"I have been using Traumeel Ointment / Cream for about 20 years in physiotherapy as well as in physio practice."

2. What convinced you to use Traumeel?

"What convinced me was the universal use of the ointment, including diverse clinical issues related to the musculature and musculoskeletal system (muscle injuries, bruises, contusions, distortions, postoperative hematomas, etc.). Traumeel is a very good supplement to the therapy."

3. For which application areas do you use Traumeel?

"For muscle injuries, blunt trauma, distortions, joint swelling, scar treatment, hematoma, muscle pain and joints (ointment dressings)."

4. Is there any experience with Traumeel that your patients have shared with you?

"Good skin compatibility. Ideal as an ointment dressing. Great for children. Provides rapid relief and has a prominent effect on reducing swelling, e.g. in hematomas. Is easy to massage / rub. Suitable for multiple daily use."

5. For whom is Traumeel particularly suitable? For example, professional athletes, people with everyday problems, children or other patients?

"Traumeel is widely used by athletes and is particularly used to alleviate trauma. In general, however, one can say that Traumeel is used in all the areas mentioned above. Elderly patients particularly like Traumeel because it works in combination with other medicines with an exceptional tolerability."

6. What tips can you give for using Traumeel?

"Very suitable for ointment dressings. Multiple use per day. Traumeel chilled in the fridge is particularly effective for bruises and sprains. Relieves the pain. Well suited for scar treatment. Good for dry skin, for example on the elbow. Application after manual lymphatic drainage."