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Traumeel® is a natural effective medication with a combination of 12 botanical and 2 mineral substances for treating and rapidly resolving inflammation, muscle and joint pain.

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Traumeel® Cream

Traumeel® Cream

Traumeel® Cream is helpful as local treatment in musculoskeletal injury and inflammation, such as ankle sprains, tendinopathies, strains, contusions and hematoma. It effectively reduces pain and swelling to get you back on track again. Tube containing 50g or 100g of cream.

Traumeel® Gel

Traumeel® Gel

Traumeel® Gel is used as local treatment in many kinds of musculoskeletal injury and inflammation, e.g. sprains and strains. It has an additional cooling effect, which is advantageous in sports injuries or swellings. Tube containing 50g or 100g of gel.

Traumeel® Tablets

Traumeel® Tablets

Traumeel® Tablets are useful in musculoskeletal injury and inflammation such as overuse injuries, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, effusions or carpal tunnel syndrome. Traumeel® Tablets can be combined with local application of Traumeel® Cream or Traumeel® Gel for accelerated and sustained recovery. Package containing 50 or 250 tablets.

Traumeel® Drops

Traumeel® Drops

Traumeel® Drops are for oral treatment of musculoskeletal injury and inflammation of all kinds of sprains, strains, bruises, dislocations and contusions, or when tablets cannot be used. Can be combined with local application of Traumeel® Cream or Traumeel® Gel for accelerated and sustained recovery. Dropper bottle containing 30ml or 100ml of solution.

14 active ingredients

Your natural ally for reliable pain relief and sustained recovery

Traumeel® contains 14 natural ingredients, each with a known beneficial effect on inflammation, pain or the healing process.

14 active ingredients

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Treatment targeting inflammation in a balanced way, thus leading to accelerated healing and reduced swelling

Pain in joints

Sustained and reliable relief of pain in joints and muscles - to help you get back to normal activity


Injections showed equal effectiveness compared with standard NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) in patients with epicondylitis¹

Cream and gel

Cream and gel showed equal efficacy compared with standard NSAIDs in patients with acute ankle sprain²

The patient's view on Traumeel®

"I ran the Comrades Marathon on Sunday (87km), and I used Traumeel tablets throughout the race! I normally cramp ALOT!!! I did not cramp once in that extreme heat. Thank you for a great product. I am sticking to Traumeel for life. I already told all my running friends!"

Celeste Riddick Claassen, Professional Tennis Coach (SATCA), South Africa

"As a mother of two, Traumeel cream is a constant companion for me. Unfortunately, my 1 ½ year old son often has a bump on his head and my 5 year old daughter is a bit wild so also has her share of bruises. Traumeel is a great relief for them, and now my daughter even requests it."

Valeska Jaenicke, Germany

"In 2016 I was preparing for my first Long Trail Mountain Bike Event. Sometimes after the training sessions, I would suffer various muscle strains and body aches. My physiotherapist recommended Traumeel. And the effect was amazing. I used the cream for some days and was very satisfied - the strains were gone. Thanks for this."

Stephan Rappl, Germany

"My mother had constant back pain and common ointments simply didn´t work. She tried the Traumeel gel, and within days she felt much better. She has been using Traumeel ever since. It is a great help for her!"

Cornelia Ulaga, Slovenia


Traumeel® in practice: physical therapy

Read how a professional physiotherapist recommends Traumeel® in his daily practice – with usual patients and professional athletes.

  1. Birnesser H, Oberbaum M, Klein P, Weiser M. The Homeopathic Preparation Traumeel S Compared with NSAIDs for Symptomatic Treatment of Epicondylitis. J Musculoskeletal Research. 2004;8(2-3):119-128.

  2. C. González de Vega, C. Speed, B. Wolfarth, J. González. Traumeel vs. diclofenac for reducing pain and improving ankle mobility after acute ankle sprain: A multicenter, randomized, blinded, controlled and non-inferiority trial. Int J ClinPract. 2013. doi: 10.1111/ijcp.12219.