Traumeel has proven ability to relieve pain and inflammation

According to controlled clinical trials, Traumeel can reduce pain and inflammation of different causes and at different sites in the body. For example:

Acute ankle sprain
A recent large scale study has shown that Traumeel ointment is as effective as diclofenac in pain reduction and functional improvement in the treatment of acute ankle sprains.

Compared with placebo, Traumeel ointment was an effective treatment for activity-related sprains of the ankle, significantly improving ankle mobility and pain.

Acute musculo-skeletal injury
Compared with placebo, Traumeel ointment was significantly more effective in restoring muscle function and reducing pain from musculoskeletal injuries.

Tendon pain
Compared with diclofenac (an NSAID), Traumeel ointment achieved a significantly faster return to normal activities and reduced pain.