Experts view

Experts endorse Traumeel’s ability to relieve pain and inflammation

Doctors who care for sports men and women have an important responsibility – the result of a vital match may depend on the fitness of key players. Such expert physicians use Traumeel to treat musculoskeletal injury and inflammation.

Dr. med. Bernd Wolfarth
Assistant Professor Dr med Bernd Wolfarth, Leading Senior Physician at the Department for Preventive and Rehabilitative Sports Medicine, Technical University Munich.

"The TAASS study has proved that Traumeel ointment and gel is as effective as 1% Diclofenac Gel which is great news for patients, many of whom have been waiting for an alternative to conventional treatments for a long time. An important point of difference between Traumeel and other treatment is in how it works. Traumeel provides a multitargeted, synergistic action to address multiple aspects of the inflammatory process which results in accelerated healing and tissue repair."